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KOSMOS Smart Monitoring System

KOSMOS Smart Monitoring System helps you improve patient safety.

Following extensive research with many of our NHS Trust partners, the KOSMOS next-generation patient monitoring software has been developed to allow clinical teams to fully monitor ligature alarms and record an audit trail of patient activity.

In challenging mental health environments it is critical staff are aware of door ligature incidents and the KOSMOS software ensures this by providing the next level of alarm technology to enable swift clinical response. The additional feature of a full audit trail gives management teams the data to measure patient care quality and reduce risk.

See everything

See everything

KOSMOS’ user-friendly interface provides a bespoke ward floorplan with live monitoring of door ligature monitors and vision panel observation activity, along with a complete audit trail of events for future review.

With its unique ability to detect door tampering, a sign of patient distress, KOSMOS can help staff proactively monitor and identify life-saving early-warning indicators of ligature attempts before they take place.

Fully integrated

Fully integrated

The KOSMOS Smart Monitoring System seamlessly integrates with Kingsway alarmed door systems to equip clinical teams with a bespoke ward floorplan displaying the alarm status of each bedroom door.

KOSMOS can also integrate with all major annunciation systems, including SAS, PinPoint and Guardian staff protection systems.

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Key Features

  • - Door edge tampering, a sign of patient distress, detected to provide early-warning indication of ligature attempts before they take place

  • - Bespoke bedroom corridor floorplan offers increased visibility compared with traditional staff attack alarms

  • - Displays alarm status of each door and the exact location of any incidents or early-warning indicators
  • ​- Centralised, easy-to-use system provides door alarm annunciation (audible and visual) 
  • - Keeps a full audit trail of each time a door or vision panel is opened or closed
  • - Kingsway Group can assist with data management by reviewing and highlighting key activity trends around particular bedrooms and times of day 
  • - Built-in reminders on alarm system testing to ensure patient safety
  • - Stores an event log of all alarm and fault activations, ensuring any that arise do not go unnoticed 
  • - Integrates with all major staff attack alarm systems including SAS, PinPoint and Guardian
  • - Kingsway Group can provide full KOSMOS training to staff to ensure its risk-reducing capabilities are utilised to the greatest degree


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