Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

  • ClientCoventry & Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust
  • LocationBirmingham
  • Patient group typeLow Secure Mental Health
  • ProductsSWING, STOW, Access Control, Seclusion Room Hatch


The Rainbow Unit at Brooklands Hospital is the first Low Secure unit for Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. This dedicated state-of-the-art facility, designed by The Design Buro for patients with Autism and other learning disabilities, provides a flexible and caring environment with self-contained apartments, individual outside space and communal areas. 

Our anti-ligature STOW and SWING door system coupled with our patented double action SwingHinge, in our distinctive Signature Waldorf Walnut finish, were carefully chosen for their attention to design detail whilst offering proven performance in the most challenging environments.

Working closely with Helen Whinray, Director at The Design Buro, it was important to select the right combination of finishes of our innovative door systems, to create a calming and grounding environment.

“People with Autism can see colours differently and more intense. We considered not only the colour but the shade/tone, appearance and texture and how they are integrated with each other in the selection of finishes for ‘The Rainbow Unit, Brooklands Hospital’. We worked closely with Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust and service users to ensure the finishes were suited to the end user and their challenges."

Case Study | Rainbow Unit, Brooklands Hospital, a new facility for patients with Autism and learning disabilities, completed using Kingsway Groups anti-ligature and anti-barricade complete door-sets

"Our aim was to define the service users apartments creating individuality and ownership, which represented the front door to their house. We decided on contrasting colours which were also calming and resembled movement."

"Service cupboards to non service users areas and base wall finishes were selected as a neutral off white. The intention was to create an expression of openness and light (like the sky) and to blend the ‘no go’ areas into the space which avoids unnecessary clutter and confusion."

"To tie the whole space together the Kingsway doors were finished using natural wood giving the feeling of grounding. The tone and grain was specially selected to break up the surface giving definition but also tie in with the other finishes. A purple/grey/brown tone of wood was chosen to create a calming yet distinctive space which defined the entry to the adjacent space.”


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