Why should I use a Door Top Monitor?

The top of the door is often the outstanding risk in mental health environments. This does not need to continue with the use of Kingsway's Door Top Monitor.

We have been working with many trusts to establish the outcomes required and how to have accurate real-time alerts whilst keeping nuisance activations to a minimum.

The DTM (Door Top Monitor) is used to help prevent a suicide attempt through a ligature attachment across the top of a door. This isn’t a tool to prevent a ligature, it is only an alert device to show when a ligature has been attached, warning staff as to which room needs their attention. Neither is the DTM a replacement for service user observations, although every added alert or warning could prevent a serious incident.

Kingsway Group | Blog | Why should I use a Door Top Monitor?
Kingsway Group | Blog | Why should I use a Door Top Monitor?

Why are these monitors needed?

In care environments every measure is taken to ensure a safe environment for patients. The use of the Kingsway DTM provide  is an early warning system, and this could be the alarm that gives the extra time needed to prevent an incident.


Key Facts

The Kingsway Door Top Monitor can integrate with existing staff attack alarm systems such at Pinpoint and SAS to provide a seamless solution.

The benefits of having an instant alert monitor for attempted ligature attachment to the top of the door goes beyond the obvious on-ward patient safety benefit to more far-reaching corporate advantages in demonstrating compliance and best-practice.

This product simply assists you in fulfilling your corporate responsibility, helping you minimise the risk you may be working under, and giving you that peace of mind that there are systems in place to support you.

Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) are one example of those who have installed Door Top Monitors throughout all their adult mental health inpatient facilities at the Tickhill Road site in Doncaster, Swallownest Court in Rotherham, and at Great Oaks in North Lincolnshire. If they have seen the need, have you?  

Compatible with bedroom doorsets and en-suite doors, the Kingsway DTM can help you achieve excellence and reduce risk.

Have a look how the SMART Software could also help you. The patient monitoring system providing you with a full audit trail. 

Kingsway Group | Blog | Why should I use a Door Top Monitor?
July 17th 2017Posted by Mark TIlbrook

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