What do Kingsway Group mean by a complete doorset?

Watch the video below to see what Kingsway Group mean by a 'complete' doorset and how this provides significant benefits over traditional on-site assembly or where a kit of parts are delivered to site:

Watch Complete Doorset Video

The complete doorset concept has been crafted for over 8 years from when Kingsway Group were supplying pre-packed anti-ligature door hardware kits and anti-barricade systems which were then installed on site by the joinery contractors.  This co-ordindation was hard to achieve in these critical health environments and led to:

  • Incorrect components being fitted 
  • Non-complient gaps between the door and the frame
  • Hardware and locking systems hard to operate
  • Multiple points of contact for the client

Kingsway Group put certification first - as a member of the BM Trada 'Q' 3rd party fire certification scheme to BS476 the factory built Kingsway complete doorset was developed and has been used on over 650 mental health projects in the UK delivering:

  • Fully certificated doorset
  • All components factory fitted and checked
  • Pre-hung to allow correct gaps and tolerance
  • Faster installation times to avoid waste.

Kingsway Group plan to further develop this system so please stay up to date by registering your interest here!

June 21st 2018Posted by Ben Hall

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