After over a two year break, we were finally back at The Design in Mental Health Exhibition and Conference on 24th and 25th August 2021! We were again honored to be the headline sponsor of this important exhibition, that brings organisations and industry experts from across the mental health sector to share ideas and drive change.

Over the course of these two days, it was wonderful to see so many familiar, and new faces. But more importantly, it was an invaluable opportunity for us to hear directly from you. We understand the importance of collaborative working to generate positive results, and whilst technology has allowed us to continue these conversations, it is no replacement for hearing your thoughts directly and experiencing our products first hand.


Kingsway Group | Blog | The Next Generation of Complete Door Systems
Kingsway Group | Blog | The Next Generation of Complete Door Systems


We were delighted to be able to showcase our groundbreaking new SENTRY full door edge ligature alarm system. Offering the highest level of patient safety through its full-door edge ligature alarm system, this unique design recognises if a ligature is trapped against any of the door edges, and will activate when a load of more than 7kg is applied horizontally or vertically. This life saving technology also works when the door is both open and closed, alerting clinical staff at the earliest possible moment.  And as with all of our door systems, SENTRY is supplied as a complete and certified doorset, allowing for quick and easy on-site installation. 

Read more about SENTRY here


“A place to reflect, engage & heal” our SANCTUARY complete door system is like no other. Proven to perform, yet beautifully designed, SANCTUARY is the epitome of everything that Kingsway Group represents. Whilst providing an anti-barricade solution for staff peace of mind, SANCTUARY offers a secluded transitional space for service users as they navigate from the safety of their private room into the communal areas. The soft seating area offers a sense of community, where individuals can reflect and engage with others along the coridoor. A secure display cabinet allows the area to be personalised and aid the healing process.

We were delighted to introduce SANCTUARY to you at DIMH and received tremendous support and positive reviews of this truly one of a kind door system.

Kingsway Group | Blog | The Next Generation of Complete Door Systems
Kingsway Group | Blog | The Next Generation of Complete Door Systems


Our popular ligature resistant double action SHOWER door offers privacy to patient en-suite bathrooms. SHOWER perfectly strikes the balance between a non-institutional door and a liagure safe screen that is robust and water resistant. 

Read more about SHOWER here


The last, but definitely not least, complete door system showcased at DIMH was our anti-ligature lock-back door STOW. Used to provide privacy in patient en-suite bathrooms, the STOW door functions as a standard bathroom door. However its unique secondary pocket frame allows it to be securely locked open to give staff increased observation when necessary. 

Read more about STOW here

Kingsway Group | Blog | The Next Generation of Complete Door Systems
Kingsway Group | Blog | The Next Generation of Complete Door Systems

A Safer En-suite Solution

With good reason, the safer en-suite area of our stand generated a lot of focus and attention at this years show. Showcasing a range of our anti-ligature washroom accessories, some of which were never seen before prototypes, it was great to hear your thoughts and get feedback on these items.

We offer the widest range of anti-ligature dispensers, washroom accessories, hardwear and vision panels - all of which are anti-ligature by design and built to provide lasting results.

Read more about our washroom accessories here

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our stand, viewed our products, and gave us invaluable feedback. But don't worry if you missed the event, you can still experience our complete door systems and anti-ligature accessories at our Virtual Showroom.

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