At DiMH 2019 Kingsway Group showcased the concept doorsets from four of the UK's leading mental health architects to provide a truly innovative exhibit for all attendees.  In the spirit of the NHS 'Transforming Care' guidelines the architects designed their concept doorsets to be patient group specific - these fit in with Kingsway Group's ethos that security should not be a barrier to good design and that products should be designed with the patient in mind.

The doorsets were built by Kingsway Group and contained many innovative features as follows:

Kingsway Group | Blog | Concept door showcase at DiMH 2019

Hello Holly Sensory doorset by IBI Group - this new doorway has been designed for dementia patients and provides patient tracking and sensing to provide wayfinding assistance to the patient in a unobtrusive way.  The unique patient threshold seating area and personal memory box units provide meaningful interactions for the patient.  The genius of the Sensory dementia doorway is the kit-of-parts approach which allows specifiers to select the co-ordinated elements depending on their project needs which the knowledge that all items will co-ordinate on site when Kingsway Group deliver the solution.


Kingsway Group | Blog | Concept door showcase at DiMH 2019

Keep It Simple doorset for secure care by Medical Architecture - as the name suggests the design approach taken by this architect was to provide a calm and non-stimulating doorset which delivers benefits to the secure care environment.  Natural finishes and minimalist hardware from Kingsway's Signature range were blended together to provide a fresh take on what a doorway can be when design is patient centred.

Kingsway Group | Blog | Concept door showcase at DiMH 2019

Lumos doorset for CAMHS by Gilling Dod - as experienced designers of CAMHS units the Lumos design was a result of collaborative learning whilst introducing new features to deliver a stunning concept solution.  The Lumos doorset has a lit sensory panel to the outside which the patient can control to provide communication of feelings through colour.  The sensory panel also contains the Smart access control reader which again gives maximum patient freedom whilst staff have a real-time audit trail of every user action.

Kingsway Group | Blog | Concept door showcase at DiMH 2019

Nuture doorset for adult acute settings by P & H S Architects - the Nuture doorset design introduces a 'hotel feel' through the use of strong vertical features with a centrepiece sensory terrarium panel with artificial plants and natural materials to the outside of the bedroom.  The Nuture door design encourages user interaction and delivers an inspirational experience through the combination of colours, textures and technology.

Please note - these concept door designs contain copyrighted material and subject to granted and pending intellectual property applications.

May 31st 2019Posted by Julian Hall

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